Overpriced strollers are bullshit

Why is baby stuff so ridiculously overpriced? They use it for such a short amount of time that you’d think it would be cheap. But no, that shit is crazy expensive. Case in point: I went out earlier this week and was looking for a pair of black mary-jane style dress shoes for my girl. I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Okay, no big deal, I’d rather shop online anyway since I don’t have to wear a bra when I’m on Amazon or Etsy. I found the perfect pair of shoes. For $31.95. Are you kidding me? First of all, my kid can’t even walk yet, so the shoes are really just a prop. Second of all, they are going to fit her feet for approximately 18 days before she outgrows them. There is no way I am spending that much on shoes!

But this got me thinking about baby stuff in general and how a lot of it is a total rip-off and the industry’s way of taking advantage. There are tons of bullshit baby items out there. Like bath thermometers. Ever think of just using your hand to test the water? If it’s too warm, add some cold water. If it’s too cold, add some hot water. It’s not rocket science! You know what else is a total rip off? Diaper genies. I was lucky enough to have one given to me from a friend who has a child that is a few years older than Charlotte. And I used it for about a week. The inconvenience of having to buy special bags and then potentially forgetting about all of the crap stored in there just isn’t worth it. I just throw her diaper into a plastic bag and throw it in the nearest outdoor public trash can.  Yeah, that costs me nothing.

Don’t even get me started on designer baby clothes. Who in their right mind is cray cray enough to spend $40 on a onesie? Every onesie I bought came from Carters, Target or Walmart and cost less than $5 a piece. And do you know how many onesies I had to cut off my daughter with scissors because she had an epic diaper blowout? At least 10. And the hilarious part is; is that the ones she destroyed were inevitably the expensive ones that people gave her.  Oops! Oh and heads up peeps, little girls look adorable in dresses but chances are, they only will get to wear them once or twice since they aren’t super practical.

My biggest pet peeve with baby items though, has to be strollers. When I first found out I was pregnant, I took my hormonal, ice-cream craving self to every pregnant woman’s favorite store: Babies R Us.  And I kid you not, I saw strollers that were $750!!!! I know people who have cars that cost less than that. Obviously your stroller is a big investment since you are going to use it for 3+ years. But….$750?? I have an idea. Buy a $200 stroller and put the $550 difference into an RESP. Or use that extra $550 towards diapers. Do anything else with it. Just please- don’t buy a $750 stroller people. I can guarantee that at the end of the day, that stroller isn’t THAT much better than the $200 one.
The industry definitely knows how to pry on expectant parents, and in particular, pregnant mama’s. They use words like: Outstanding safety ratings, maximum comfort and #1 choice of Mothers. And for new mama’s, this can be scary because we think  ‘if it’s the #1 choice of mothers then shouldn’t it be my number one choice too? I don’t want anyone to mommy shame me.’ (and I will post about mommy shaming at a later point). But before you go to Babies R US and spend several thousand dollars on crap you probably don’t need, I would suggest eating some ice cream and creating a realistic budget. And if you can’t come up with a realistic budget, then buy whatever you want and blame it on the hormones!


3 thoughts on “Overpriced strollers are bullshit

  1. All industries prey on people. We, as consumers, need to understand that no name = just as good. And, if I am going to use anything with its name on it [think Gucci, Prego, anything at all] the company should pay me for advertising their products…. 🙂 Kisses for Miss C….chocolate ice cream for her momma ❤


  2. Haha I can actually justify our way expensive stroller (the rest I agree on!) since we live in the city, it’s basically our car. Kids, groceries, all day travel gear – you name it, it goes in the stroller! Add in some cobblestone streets and public transit and you’ll be praising those $750 wheels 😉


  3. I never thought of using a stroller in that regard! Mine is more leisurely. Malls and walks. The rest of the time we are in my car since I live in a pretty small town, removed from the city!


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