What to expect when you’re expecting…the good stuff!!

Everyone loves to tell an expecting mother about the horror stories and crazy things you will experience when you are expecting, but no one tells you the good stuff. The stuff you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Getting a positive pregnancy test is magical. It’s like Christmas day wrapped up in sunshine and sparkles. It’s exciting and breathtaking and leaves you speechless, because suddenly you are so aware of this little life growing inside of you. This little life that you want to take the best possible care of and you vow to do everything right for the next nine months.  You are in love with someone you’ve never met and would go to the end of the earth for this little miracle.

The first time you hear the heartbeat, your own heart stops. Hearing something so small yet so powerful will bring you to tears, because you can actually hear life happening inside of your own body. No matter how long your doctor lets you listen, it’s never long enough. It’s the best part of every appointment you’ll have during your pregnancy and you’ll look forward to baring your belly and listening to the other heart that is inside of you.

The first ultrasound.  Seeing your baby on that screen will literally leave you speechless. All I could do was watch in awe and wipe away my tears.  I fell more in love during the first ultrasound than I ever knew possible. I felt so connected to that little twelve week old life growing inside of me. I didn’t know if the baby was a boy or a girl at that point, but I didn’t care. All I knew was that in that moment, seeing my baby on the screen, I believed in love at first sight.

Oh, and those tiny little kicks. They hit you when you least expect it! My first kicks happened at work one day around the sixteen week mark. I hadn’t announced my pregnancy yet so when it happened I had to keep my excitement to myself. And the wonderful thing was, it continued to happen. For almost an hour my little darling kicked and I had to go to the bathroom to quietly call my mom and share the news and wipe the tears away from my eyes. It was an amazing feeling, nothing else compares to it. Even in those last weeks when your baby is kicking you in the bladder and in the ribs, you’ll still love it, no matter how uncomfortable you are.

The pregnancy glow. I don’t care who you are or how much you love or hate being pregnant. Every woman gets the pregnancy glow. And every woman looks like a million dollars when they get to that stage. My third trimester was in the dead summer heat, and despite all of the sweat and swelling, I still got to glow. I could see it in myself. The happiness radiated through. It showed first thing in the morning and late at night.  It made me feel beautiful and radiant, even in the very end when that big pregnant belly gets in the way of even the simplest tasks.

Pregnancy definitely has its ups and downs. And for some women, the downs happen more frequently than the ups. But even on those days when your back hurts, you’ve puked 4 times and you can`t stop peeing, just stop for a moment. Stop and embrace the miracle inside of you. Whether your pregnancy is a breeze or nine months from hell, when you finally do get to hold your baby, you`ll forget almost all of it. And in that moment, it will all be worth it.


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