I support you

Mothers can face a lot of judgment from society. We are judged from the moment we get pregnant and that judgment pretty much is present for the duration of our child’s life. The judgment can come from family, friends and society in general. And it can often be harsh. I recently heard an elderly woman in a department store judge a mother for letting her small child eat some candy. Maybe the child was really well-behaved all day and that was a reward. Maybe the child was hungry and that was the only snack the mother had. Or maybe the child asked for candy and the mom said yes because she was too tired to argue. Whatever the case was, it doesn’t matter. It was that mother’s decision and was no one else’s business.

I want all of my mommy friends to know that I support you. In everything you do. Because only you know what is best for you and your child. No one else has any business thinking otherwise.

Did you get pregnant through fertility treatments or IVF? Congratulations! I support you. Did you get pregnant without really even having to try? Congratulations! I support you.

Did you have a natural birth? You must have an incredible tolerance for pain and I support you. If you decided to have an epidural , that’s fantastic (I did!) and I support you.

Were you able to exclusively breastfeed your baby? That’s awesome, I support you. Did you formula feed or do a combination of the two? That’s awesome too and I support you.

Did you and your baby co-sleep? That’s fantastic and it must have worked for you. I support you. Did you have to do the cry it out method? That must have been tough, but I support you.

Did you take away your baby’s pacifier at a really young age? I support you. Does your three year old still use a pacifier? Who cares! I support you.

Did you choose to end your maternity leave early and go back to work before it was up? Good for you mama, I support you. Did you decide after your maternity leave was over that you were going to become a stay at home mom? That must have been a really tough decision and I support you.

Did you feed your baby only homemade and organic baby food? That is wonderful that you did that, I support you. Did you decide that you’d prefer to buy your baby food? That’s great too and I support you.

Did you have to make some really difficult relationship choices that left you as a single parent? That’s tough (I know), but I support you. Or maybe you were able to find strength in your relationship and a new baby brought your closer together? That’s awesome news and I support you.

Did you allow your child to watch TV before age of 2? I did and I support you. Did you stand your ground and not allowed screen time before 2 years old? That’s your decision and I support you.

Did you potty train really early and have your kid out of diapers before they could speak in sentences? That’s a big accomplishment and I support you. Did you potty train late and your little one wasn’t fully there till they were 4 years old? Big deal, I support you.

Are you a helicopter parents and can’t let your child out of your sight? That’s okay, you’re allowed to be protective and I support you. Are you a free-range parent who lets their child explore the world at their own pace? That’s wonderful too and I support you.

Did you decide to send your children to public school? I support you. Maybe you are sending them to private school. I support you. Maybe you are homeschooling and that is what is working best for you. I support you.

Mothers of the world, it doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do. And it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. No one knows your situation or circumstances any better than you do. You know what is right. You know what is working, and you know what your child does and does not need.  As long as you are raising healthy, happy and well-adjusted children then you are doing everything right. And I support you.


2 thoughts on “I support you

  1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s so sad that people can’t see that everybody parents differently and what might work great for one person/child just wouldn’t work for another situation. Parenting is overtime all the time and just because that mom gave a kid a piece of candy doesn’t mean that earlier in the day they didn’t have a wonderful moment of shared time doing something really beneficial for them both. I know I’ve been the mom with the kid about to throw a fit in the store before. And now that I know what it’s like if I ever see it I always see if I can help, or at least give them a nod of encouragement to let them know I’ve been there and it’ll be ok!

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  2. Hi there, I appreciate your intelligence and gentleness in a world where people think they know how you should raise your child, live your life. What I remember clearly was something my mother said to a person who was ‘suggesting’ her parenting skills were lacking. My mom said, “God asked my husband and me to care for these children of His. I think if God wanted you to make those decisions, these children would have been born to you.” Just another thought, while I am on a roll…have you ever noticed when you actually DO ask for advice, most people will say, “That is up to you.” OH, and Miss Charlotte telephoned me last night and said that we should have an ice cream date …soon! Love from me to you all 🙂

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