Motherhood at its worst

Motherhood is full of magical moments. The moments where you smile to yourself and say ‘this is what it’s all about.’ The moments where you look at your child and your heart skips a beat because you can’t believe how much you love that little person.

But let’s be real. It’s not always magical and about 88.42% of what your child does is not Facebook worthy. You know, those moments where your kid has a complete meltdown or a dirty face or is just being a little asshole? Yeah, those moments. There are plenty of those moments.

Motherhood is often portrayed on social media at its best. A picture of a child giving mommy a kiss, a status about how little Sally did the cutest thing ever today, a tweet about two siblings hugging each other. That stuff does happen; but most of the time, that’s not reality. People like to show motherhood at its finest.

But no one ever shows the ugly moments. The moments that are hard and frustrating and overwhelming. The moments that could be described as motherhood at its worst.

So, what is motherhood at its worst?

It’s trying to ignore your crying baby in the middle of the night and praying they fall back asleep so that you don’t have to wake up.

It’s pooping with an audience because your child will have a meltdown if you shut the door and they can’t see your face.

It’s cleaning vomit off of the floor and desperately trying not to gag because the smell and look of it is absolutely disgusting.

It’s going for weeks on end with little to no sleep and wondering if you’ll ever be able to function like a normal adult again.

It’s cutting a onesie off your newborn baby because they just had an epic diaper blowout and there is no other way to remove their clothing without making more of a mess.

It’s pleading with your child to eat their veggies and then giving up and just letting them have chicken nuggets for supper.

It’s crying in the shower because you are so tired and overwhelmed and frustrated and have no idea how to handle everything on your plate.

It’s getting ready to take your child to the doctor and realizing that your only clean outfit is a sweater with a hole in it and yoga pants that have picks and pulls in them.

It’s bribing your kid in the department store with a toy so they will stop grabbing at everything and you can shop in peace.

It’s buying yourself a super delicious cupcake and then putting it away and devouring it after your child goes to bed. (True story, I am so guilty of this.)

It’s wanting to yell at your child for being a brat but somehow grinding your teeth and getting through that moment.

It’s trying to bake cookies for the school bake sale but burning them because you got caught up in an episode of The Walking Dead, so you buy a dozen at the bakery and hope that no one notices the difference.

It’s flipping your child off when they aren’t looking because they were acting like a total assclown.

It’s not remembering that it was pink shirt day at school and your kid tells you that you suck at remembering things and you can’t even argue that point because you know it’s true.

It’s being so busy that you forget to shave your legs and wear a dress to work with a national forest growing below your knees.

It’s desperately wishing that your child could be just a few years older so that things would be easier, even though we all know that it never really does get easier.

It’s being relieved to go to work because that means you get 8 uninterrupted hours of not having to answer to demanding children.

It’s staring at the clock and mentally calculating the hours till bedtime, and wondering how you are going to make it.

It’s drinking a glass of wine at night and hoping that tomorrow is better than today.

It’s looking at your children as they sleep and hoping that you do better tomorrow. That you can be a better parent for them and that you have all the patience and understanding in the world.

Social media sites are like optical illusions. We all want everyone to see us at our best. That’s why people don’t talk about motherhood at its worst. It the same reason why people will take 17 selfies and only post the best one. Because you want to be seen in the most flattering way possible.

Motherhood exposes us and creates incredibly raw emotions. There are highs and lows, ups and downs, good times and bad times, happiness and heartache. But even on the days when you are experiencing motherhood at its worst, you don’t give up. Because you love your kids and would do anything for them. And those times (that are sometimes few are far between) when you get to experience motherhood at its finest, those are the times that make it all worth it.


6 thoughts on “Motherhood at its worst

  1. Well said, Katie. 🙂
    Also, you reminded me of the time little missy was constipated for over a week and finally exploded in the middle of a Shoppers Drug Mart. I’m sure the woman who was standing outside the bathroom door will never forget the sound of J’s voice screaming, “THERE’S SHIT EVERYWHERE!” lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, missy was perfectly happy. lol She hadn’t said boo the entire time she was constipated, even, which is why I didn’t panic TOO much. But then when the explosion happened…lol Jason was dying, and I was alternating between cleaning her up and gagging over the toilet. The best part? The Shoppers bathrooms in Antigonish don’t have change tables! So we had to lay out a bunch of paper towel on the floor and lay missy there! It was just a wreck, completely. lol


  2. Lol – it’s like when you think you have all your shit together, and send your kid to school for pajama day. Then your’s kid calls you in tears telling you it’s NOT pajama day…. Yikes!

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