Why I sometimes love Monday and going to work


I love weekends. Spending time at home with my daughter and doing things at a leisurely pace is really nice. I love lazy days where I stay in my pajamas till mid-afternoon and drink lattes and wine and have chocolate for lunch and enjoy random silliness with my girl.

But sometimes, weekends need to come to an end. As much as I love the quality time I get to spend with my child on the weekend, it can be exhausting. Especially when you have a toddler who is just finding her voice and is learning how to throw a temper tantrum. There are some Sunday evenings when I think to myself “I am so glad tomorrow is Monday.” I know that sounds crazy because who would actually rather be at work than be at home? Well, sometimes me. Why, you ask? Because of the following 22 reasons.

  1. Because I can pee in private at work.
  2. If I want to check my email or do a quick internet search, no one is crawling up on my lap and pounding on the keyboard while I am at the computer.
  3. No one at work throws a temper tantrum when I tell them to stop licking my feet.
  4. My coworkers don’t take off their shirts and run around half naked and slap me in the face when I tell them to put their shirts back on.
  5. I don’t have to chase anyone around at work to get them to eat.
  6. If I am talking on the phone, no one is pulling on the cord and begging to talk to the person on the other end.
  7. Did I mention because I can pee in private?
  8. People at work don’t squish their lunch into every crack and corner of the couches and chairs.
  9. I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s bodily functions at work. Enough said.
  10. Because I don’t have to explain to anyone why I am allowed to use sharpie markers and they can’t.
  11. And because no one at work doodles on the walls or the floor with sharpie markers.
  12. If I leave some papers on my desk, they aren’t shredded after I get back from a bathroom break.
  13. Nobody at work needs me to remind them that it’s not nice to spit on the floor.
  14. My boss doesn’t scream and cry because she can’t watch YouTube.
  15. I can eat my lunch and cruise Pinterest without anyone pulling at my arm because they want my phone or sandwich.
  16. No one hides my shoes or coat or purse when I am at work.
  17. Peeing alone. It really is the best.
  18. If someone at work doesn’t like what they are drinking, the just get themselves a new drink. They don’t pry their sippy cup apart and spill said drink all over the floor.
  19. If someone at work does make a mess, they clean it up themselves.
  20. I can open a bag of chips without having someone come running from another room and yelling “me me me!”
  21. No one at work cares if I don’t share my cupcake.
  22. I might have already mentioned it, but I can use the washroom alone. It really is such a treat.

But then Friday rolls around and I get excited for the weekend and the thought of sleeping in, having lazy days in bed with my daughter, watching cartoons, running around the park and not having to wear a bra or get dressed or be on time for anything is also really appealing.

Weekends really are wonderful. Spending quality time with my daughter is always the best, even if it means she’s licking my feet and throwing goldfish crackers at the TV. And just when she’s throwing her 57th tantrum, is screaming that it’s bedtime or is trying to steal my snacks, I realize it’s Sunday and that tomorrow we’ll be back to the grind. I’ll love it, till about Friday morning, and then I’ll be ready for the weekend again!



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