Bonus Day!



Today is February 29th. It’s an extra day. A day to make the most of because we only get this day once every 4 years.

How will you spend it? Will it be just another day to you or will it be a day that you make the most of?  Keep on reading!


Rising After We Fall.



A few weeks ago I was walking through the grocery store and not paying any particular attention to where I was going. My mind was on other things and I wasn’t aware as to what was happening around me. I somehow got my feet tangled up in a small display and managed to trip and fall flat on my face. Keep on reading!

Bitter or better? You choose.



Life can sometimes throw us curveballs.

The biggest curveball I was ever thrown was becoming a single parent. I had never imagined this was the way I would become a mother. I don’t think anyone ever truly expects it, but for me it seemed like it was the EXACT opposite of my plan.

Every little girl dreams of walking down the aisle in a big fluffy white gown and marrying the man of her dreams. Keep on reading!

Things you’ll never know


Last night I couldn’t sleep. My mind and heart were sad and the hurt I was feeling would not go away. Whenever I feel like this, I do what I always do.  I got up and watched my daughter sleep. My perfect, angelic little baby. She lay there so peacefully, breathing softly as sleep consumed her little body.  And as I watched her sleep, all I could think about was all of the things you’ll never know. Keep on reading!

Learning to love Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day has always been one of my least favorite holidays. I think it’s because a lot of the time, I have been single on Valentine’s Day. And there is something that really sucks about being single on the most romantic and lovey-dovey day of the year. Keep on reading!

The Stepford Moms


I recently came across a phrase online that made me giggle. I love dry humor and had a good laugh when I saw someone use the phrase “Stepford Mom.”

What exactly is a Stepford Mom? A Stepford Mom is a mother who is constantly striving to be perfect. She feels that everything in her life must be done a certain way and it must be done with a smile on her face. Keep on reading!

My boss is demanding



I’ve had a lot of different jobs over my lifetime. I have worked in retail, at a casino, as a hairdresser, as a receptionist, as an employment specialist, and heck.. even as a door-to-door alarm salesperson. So because I have had so many jobs, that means I have had a lot of bosses. Keep on reading!