The Mom Cold vs The Man Cold


For the past few days I was really having an internal battle. I could feel myself deteriorating, but I was refusing to give in. But when I woke up yesterday morning, it was inevitable. I hate saying it, but I officially have my first Mom Cold of the season.

Now, before you get confused, do not try to lump the Mom Cold and Man Cold in together. They are two completely separate entities. They are not at all alike and are in fact, nearly polar opposites. I wish that the Mom Cold was similar to the Man Cold, but sadly, it is not.

In case you aren’t sure of what a man cold is, let me inform you. A man cold is when a grown-ass man gets sick and decides to act like the world’s biggest baby about it. Basically he has the common cold and is coughing, maybe has a stuffy nose, feels congested and just under the weather. Bearers of the man cold like to pout about it and act like their life is a tragedy. They sulk and whine and act like they are suffering from the worst case of pneumonia that ever existed. I’m not saying that ALL men who get a cold get a man cold, but a lot do. In fact, almost every guy I have ever dated has had a man cold at one point and it was all I could do not to roll my eyes and tell them to get over themselves.

Now the mom cold, that is much different. It’s not that the symptoms are any worse. It’s all relatively the same. Runny nose, hoarse voice, congestion and overall not feeling well. Add this plus your monthly visitor and it’s a wonder any mom can function when she has a mom cold. But that aside, the big difference is that bearers of the mom cold don’t complain and don’t act like victims. Instead, we still get shit done. Sounds simple right? Well it’s not and it sucks but that’s life!

Last night I was really battling my mom cold. I felt really awful and all I wanted to do was relax in bed and watch Netflix and eat brownies. Ah, but bearers of the mom cold don’t get this luxury. Instead I did laundry, played games with my daughter, fixed the linen closet after my little darling emptied it twice, picked up toys, gave my little monster a bath, read her books, folded and put away laundry and then got my very energetic child in bed for the evening. I was pretty exhausted afterwards but guess what this mama did? I got shit done. I took a double dose of Nyquil and cleaned, got some work stuff prepared, sent a few emails, did some online banking, put away toys and then when it was all done, collapsed into bed. But last night was not a night of deep slumber. No, last night was a night that my daughter didn’t sleep through as she’s on the tail end of a cold. So I got up not once, but twice, and tended to her.

Sounds exhausting, right? It totally was and I wondered how I was going to get out of bed this morning. I was hoping for a low key morning that would go smoothly, but my morning was just as hectic as my evening.  I woke up, got both of us dressed, got breakfast, found, lost and refound the TV remote, got my daughter ready for daycare, dropped her off at daycare, realized I forgot her blankie at home. I went back home and got the blankie, dropped it off to daycare,  ran to the bank, got a latte at Tim Horton’s to help with my sore throat and still managed to get to work before 9:00 AM. All while feeling completely miserable and under the weather. And now as I sit at my desk, I’m desperately looking for ways to find energy so that I can make it till the end of the day.

So yes, the mom cold is much different than the man cold. Most moms wish we could suffer like men could but realistically, we can’t. We would love to lay in bed and whine and complain and suffer it out but instead, we suck it up.  We put on our big girl panties, stock our purses full of Kleenex and take a double dose of Dayquil (or Nyquil),and hope for the best!


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