My boss is demanding



I’ve had a lot of different jobs over my lifetime. I have worked in retail, at a casino, as a hairdresser, as a receptionist, as an employment specialist, and heck.. even as a door-to-door alarm salesperson. So because I have had so many jobs, that means I have had a lot of bosses.

Some bosses have been great, some have been okay. Some have been invisible and gave me tons of space. Others have been demanding or micro-managers and some were just downright awful. But the hardest boss I have ever had to answer to is my current boss.

My current boss is feisty. She has very high expectations of me and can sometimes be rather demanding. Most of the time I don’t mind. In fact, there are times when I like working under pressure. But when I am already juggling two or three tasks at once it can get tough. Those are the days I really have to bite my tongue, because when I get overwhelmed I tend to get frustrated; but I can’t let her see that.

Sometimes my boss makes me work irregular hours. Evenings, weekends, even holidays! I am tempted at those times to call in sick but that isn’t really an option because if I don’t get the work done no one else will.

My boss can be very kind and sweet as well. Sometimes after a long day at work she gives me the best rewards. They are very non-traditional and don’t involve money or time off in lieu, but the rewards she gives me are through her words and actions and those mean more to me than anything else possibly could.

And some days, on the really tough days, I just want to give up. I want to quit and go on strike and spend the day in bed. But I can’t, because my boss needs me. She needs me to do things in order for the day to run smoothly and even though sometimes I resent it and wish she could figure it out on her own, I still do it. Because without me, the ship would sink and I would never want that to happen.

My boss is unique. She’s demanding, picky, precise, can have a diva attitude and her to-do list is always growing. Just when I think I am caught up and can breathe again she brings me a whole new list of demands. But despite all of this, I love her. She is the best boss I have ever had. She makes me so happy and the work I do for her may look thankless to other people, but to me it’s the best job in the entire world.

My boss’s name is Charlotte. She’s 18 months old and is the best boss I have ever had. She is my daughter and my best friend. She is my demanding little diva and can only pay me with hugs and kisses and gratitude but for me, that’s the best kind of pay cheque that exists!





14 thoughts on “My boss is demanding

    1. Oh but someone has to say it lol, and I enjoy being that person!

      So happy you’re blogging now too 🙂 your Facebook posts are hilarious so I’m looking forward to more blog posts!


  1. How precious! I was fuming about my boss when I clicked on this, but this turned my attitude around! I’d love to have a boss like yours. 🙂


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