That Mom



“I’m not that mom. I’m not the kind of mom who would let her child out of sight and have him/her fall into a gorilla enclosure.”

That mom should be charged with negligence.”

That mom wasn’t being mindful of her children.”

That mom should never be allowed to procreate again.”

That mom is a terrible mother.”

These are all phrases I have read and heard over the past week. Phrases from the perfect parents (and sometimes from non-parents) who would never be THAT mom.

You know what? I’m not even scared to admit it. I am THAT mom.

Yup, that’s right. I’m not perfect. I know that children can do unpredictable and unimaginable things in the blink of an eye. Just a few days ago I was that mom. The mom whose daughter almost ran into traffic. We were playing in our yard and I heard a dog bark so I turned my head. My head was turned for 5 seconds, maximum. By the time I turned back my daughter was about six steps from the road. That is how fast it can happen.

The thing about that mom is that she’s only human. She only has two eyes, two ears, two hands and one body. She cannot be in two places at once. We all wish we could be, but the reality is, we can’t. Keeping up with one child is hard. Keeping up with multiple children (like that mom did) can be nearly impossible.

So before you go judging that mom and the terrible aftermath of the situation; imagine this. You are busy with two or more kids. One is an infant and is crying uncontrollably, the other is a toddler who does not want to stop running and playing. You’re in an area that seems safe and maybe is even familiar to you. As you tend to your infant, your older child comes into danger. Maybe the danger is a stray dog. The dog is bigger than you and bigger than your child. You don’t know the dog and can’t predict its behaviour. Wouldn’t you want someone to help before something tragic happened? It doesn’t matter whose fault it is or if the situation was preventable because in that moment, your baby is in a desperate situation. And desperate situations call for desperate measures and the life of an innocent human child will always trump the life of an animal. Sorry if you don’t like that but that’s the cold hard truth. Think about that as you munch down on your cheeseburger with bacon and complain about animal rights.

So please folks, stop beating up and bashing that mom. I am sure she is already feeling terrible enough about what happened and now the entire internet feels that they somehow have the right to call her a terrible mom.

As for me, I stand with her. I know how quickly it can happen and if that was MY child, I would have pulled the trigger myself to save my baby. Why? Because I’m THAT mom.




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