Good moms and bad moms



A few weeks ago I saw the movie Bad Moms. It was pretty funny and had some hilarious scenes that really made me laugh. But one thing that I didn’t like about the movie was their stereotype of what a bad mom is. Keep on reading!


Love more, judge less




I often judge people. I don’t mean to and it is something that I am working on. I try to be more aware of it and sometimes when it happens I catch myself in the act. I experienced this quite recently. A few days ago my daughter was being fussy so I decided to take her for a walk in her stroller. As we were out, I saw someone walking towards me. Keep on reading!

Starting fresh



Starting over. Those two little words can carry so much meaning, and for me, they are especially true right now.

There is something about September that feels fresh. It feels like the perfect time to shake everything off and find a new start and a new beginning. My new beginnings this month are quite plentiful. Keep on reading!