Good moms and bad moms



A few weeks ago I saw the movie Bad Moms. It was pretty funny and had some hilarious scenes that really made me laugh. But one thing that I didn’t like about the movie was their stereotype of what a bad mom is. Keep on reading!


Love more, judge less




I often judge people. I don’t mean to and it is something that I am working on. I try to be more aware of it and sometimes when it happens I catch myself in the act. I experienced this quite recently. A few days ago my daughter was being fussy so I decided to take her for a walk in her stroller. As we were out, I saw someone walking towards me. Keep on reading!

Starting fresh



Starting over. Those two little words can carry so much meaning, and for me, they are especially true right now.

There is something about September that feels fresh. It feels like the perfect time to shake everything off and find a new start and a new beginning. My new beginnings this month are quite plentiful. Keep on reading!


The Mommy Wish List


Every person has a wish list. You know, the list of things you want but might not necessarily be able to have right now? For some people it’s a luxury car or a new house or a trip to an exotic destination. I definitely have a wish list like that! On it are some pretty fabulous trips, a walk-in closet like Cher had in the movie Clueless Keep on reading!


How to survive living with a two year old



Two year olds are difficult little people. They are developing personalities and learning how to say no and becoming their own unique person. They throw tantrums and break things and make messes and refuse to go to bed. Keep on reading!


Dear Faith


Dear Faith;

I don’t know you or anything about who you are as a person. All I know is that Brock Turner violated you in the most horrific, sad, disturbing, violent and upsetting way that I can ever imagine. What he did to you is unfathomable. What he took from you is something that can never be replaced. Who he is as a person is disgusting. But this letter isn’t about him or intended for him; it’s for you. Keep on reading!


That Mom



“I’m not that mom. I’m not the kind of mom who would let her child out of sight and have him/her fall into a gorilla enclosure.” Keep on reading!


Being a Single Mom on Mother’s Day

motherhood is a choice

For many moms, Mother’s Day is a day they look forward to all year long. It’s a day that is filled with lavish presents, breakfast in bed, a husband and kids doting on them and a fancy dinner out at a restaurant. Keep on reading!